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    I Have Wandered



I have wandered these woods for so long now

They should seem familiar

But they don’t

I don’t think they ever will

Each path more treacherous than the next

Even the ones lit by sunlight and birdsong

Are not to be trusted

Too many times have I walked those paths

And allowed myself to believe in the warmth

They offered, that teased me out of my doubts

Let me bask a moment in that sunshine

I’ll pay doubly for it in the end

Cold hard winds blow rending my dreams

Pelting daggers of rain and ice

Send me running back into the darkness

I thought I had finally left behind


I’ve followed the crumbs you’ve left me

Hoping it would lead me into the light

Were you laughing when the black wings

Stole my understanding away

This is a vicious game you play

Leading me nowhere at all

Sometimes I see you screened by the trees

Camping alone as always

Huddled by your fire’s meager light

I call your name

You hear only wind and rain

I cry

You hear nothing at all


I do not understand this fierce pain

Lancing through me

Could we not share our light

Our warmth to ward off this chill dead feeling

I will find a way to you hiding within these woods

While every thorn bars my passage and pierces me through

When I do reach you

Will I be a horror to your eyes

A wraith emerging from the depths of hell

Skin torn & bleeding

Eyes hollow & empty of life

Heart trailing in the dust behind

Will you brave this walking nightmare and set me free of the spell

Will you share your fire

Your bread

Your life

Will you take my hand

And walk with me


Copyright © 2006- Teresa Rothman